15 Easy (and FREE!) Ways to Celebrate Grandparent’s Day

My kids are lucky enough to have 2 sets of awesome grandparents…but neither set lives in Wisconsin. This means our trips to visit are jam-packed with grandparent snuggles and spoils, but unfortunately we don’t get those day-to-day interactions that would happen if they lived in the same town. The distance has never felt bigger than during the pandemic, when roadtrips out of state were out of the question. We all got VERY creative during the worst of 2020 to ensure we stayed connected even when we couldn’t be together in person. From secret word puzzles, handmade artwork or sweet love notes, we made the most of our long-distance relationships. 

September 8th is National Grandparent’s Day, and it’s one that isn’t quite as well known as some of the other holidays each year. But for those of us lucky enough to have grandparents involved in our lives and our kids’ lives, it’s an incredibly special day to honor and celebrate those relationships.

Here are 15 easy and FREE ideas to help you make those grandparents feel extra special this year!

  1. Download a printable coloring page
  2. Fun Facts Printable
  3. Write a letter
  4. Take a cute video telling why they are special
  5. Write a poem or use this one
  6. Make a handprint craft:

    Craft idea from CraftyMorning.com

  7. Spend time together – in person or virtually
  8. Sing a song
  9. Give a hug
  10. Super easy thumbprint card
  11. Make a love flower craft
  12. Interview them 
  13. Send a (free!) e-card
  14. Play a game together
  15. Give them an award

I hope these ideas give you inspiration and encouragement to make the most of Grandparent’s Day this year! If you have any other ideas, please share in the comments below. Happy Grandparent’s Day!