15 Valentine’s (Non-Candy!) Gift Ideas for Your Swimmer 

We all know holidays are full of sweets, and Valentine’s Day is definitely no exception. Whether your kids trade valentine’s goodies at school or you surprise them with an after school chocolate heart, there is candy ALL around us on V-Day. While giving “gifts” on Valentine’s Day isn’t required, it can be a fun way to surprise your kids without the future sugar hangover. 

For holidays like Valentine’s Day or Easter, I love to gift items I’d likely buy anyway – new swim suits, towels, goggles, etc. It’s a great way to let you kids have something fun to open without breaking the bank. I typically choose small items and bundle them together in a basket or new sand pail, and it looks cute and it’s also functional. 

Here’s a roundup of 15 Non-Candy Ideas for your Swimmer this Valentine’s Day. Bonus? They’re all under $20! Enjoy!

  1. New Goggles
  2. Open Swim Pass for SwimWest
  3. Extra Large Beach Towel
  4. Precious Gems Dive Toys
  5. New Swim Cap
  6. New Swimsuit
  7. Swimming Hair Accessories
  8. Froggy Learns to Swim (book)
  9. Cute Socks
  10. Shampoo and Conditioner for chlorine
  11. Microfiber Towel
  12. Stickers!
  13. A Keychain for their Swim Bag
  14. Personalized Bracelet
  15. Swim Themed Buttons

We hope you have a day filled with love, candy and swimming! Happy Valentine’s Day!



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