When to Push Your Young Swimmer

With a little help from some industry experts and your SwimWest instructor, you may not have to push too hard for your child to not only enjoy swimming and swim lessons but to excel at it for years to come.

sleeping child

Is my Child Too Sick to Swim?

“Is my child too sick for swim lessons?” Sometimes the answer is simple – your kiddo has a fever or diarrhea (STAY HOME!) but sometimes it’s a little trickier.

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Parenting is HARD

SwimWest’s own, Amy Horvath, is this months guest blogger with some parenting tips and a little commiseration on the headaches of parenting:

Conquering Anxiety in Your Young Swimmer

When parents understand what to look for and how to deal with their young swimmers’ anxiety, with the help of their child’s SwimWest instructor, they can help them overcome it and learn to love the water!

Teaming up to Keep our Water Clean

As hard as we work to keep our pool clean, there are a few simple things parents and kids can do to help maintain our pool cleanliness.

You and your over-scheduled kid

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics your child needs a good mix of scheduled activities and some time that is not governed by the clock. But how do you tell if you have an over-scheduled kid?

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Young Swimmers

Creating a New Year’s Resolution for your child’s swimming lessons is a great way to motivate your young swimmer.