“I don’t want to go to swim lessons!” When to Push & When to Take a Break

My kids have taken swim lessons from the time they could walk. My son and I started in Parent-Tot classes at SwimWest when we first moved to Madison 6 years ago, and he’s taken classes ALMOST continuously ever since. I say “almost” because there have been periods of time throughout the past 6 years that […]

Things to Know before Sending your Child to a Home with a Pool

My oldest son (7) is finally at an age where he goes to playdates alone – as long as we know the family, trust them and feel like we can openly ask them questions. Some things are obvious – we need to know who will be home, who will be supervising, what time to come […]

Sun Safety Tips

Two years ago, my dad scared us all with a Melanoma diagnosis. He went through treatment, and he is healthy, but it was a wake up call about the importance of doing anything and everything possible to protect my family from dangerous UV rays. According to the CDC, more than 5 million people are diagnosed […]

Get in the Pool: Swimming isn’t just for Kids!

Let’s face it: swimming is a LOT less intimidating when you’re a kid. As an adult, I’ve had to swallow my insecurities and force myself to squeeze into my swimsuit and head to the pool. This is the first year my family purchased a pool membership, which means we head to the pool daily. In […]

Fourth of July Water Safety Tips

Celebrating the Fourth of July is always so much fun with kids, and there are tons of options for family-friendly fun here in the Madison area. From seeing fireworks, hosting BBQs, heading out on one of our lovely local lakes, hitting the pool or just relaxing at home, there are so many ways to make […]