25 Random Acts of Kindness

October is already one of my favorite months of the year (crisp apples, brightly colored leaves, fresh, cool air…what could be better?!) but it is also host to “Random Acts of Kindness” day. Technically this day is celebrated on October 5th, but I truly believe it should be celebrated all month long…especially 18 months into a pandemic. Not only will it brighten someone’s day, helping others is an immediate mood booster for you, too. 

Acts of kindness don’t need to cost money or take a lot of time (although those options can be great, too!), and they can be simple enough for kids to participate, too! They can color a picture for a friend, or write their teacher a kind note. They can call a grandparent and tell them they love them, or help deliver cookies to your neighbors. Whatever you choose to do, including kids can help teach them the importance of kindness and the impact it can have on your local community.

Let’s all do a few random acts of kindness this month and bring some sweetness and happiness to our corner of the world! 

Here are 25 ideas to help you get inspired to do your own “random acts of kindness” this month!

  1. Buy coffee for the car behind you in the drive-thru line
  2. Bring flowers to a friend
  3. Donate books or puzzles to a local senior living facility
  4. Make dinner for a neighbor
  5. Drop off extra school supplies for a teacher
  6. Give a compliment
  7. Clean up someone else’s mess
  8. Offer to help someone you don’t know
  9. Send a handwritten note
  10. Write a 5 star review for a local business
  11. Make cookies and share them with friends 
  12. “Boo” your neighbors
  13. Pick up trash in a local park 
  14. Offer to walk someone’s dog for them
  15. Help bring in groceries for a neighbor
  16. Tell someone you appreciate them
  17. Donate money to a cause you support
  18. Leave extra money in a vending machine
  19. Donate wishlist items to a local children’s hospital
  20. Let someone go in front of you at the grocery store
  21. Volunteer in your child’s classroom
  22. Send a thank you note to your local Police or Fire Station
  23. Leave a painted rock with an inspirational message on a walking trail 
  24. Rake leaves for a neighbor
  25. Give someone you love a hug


I hope this list inspires you and your family to bring kindness to the forefront this month – and I hope it brings you as much joy as it brings others! Please share other ideas in the comments!