3 Reasons I’m Thankful for Swim Lessons

As we head into this season of giving, celebration, family and SO MUCH FOOD, it’s always so nice to stop and breathe for a minute. You know, between all those basketball practices, swim lessons, holiday shopping trips and get togethers with friends and family. Let’s face it, y’all, this is the season of joy but also the season of chaos. At least in my household. 

Navigating the holidays, from choosing the right gifts for the right people, to making sure we spend equal time with family members, can be a LOT. It’s fun, at least most of the time, but it’s exhausting. And for that reason, it can be all too easy to miss the actual point of it all. Giving. Joy. Community. Family. 

This month, my goal is to remind myself how thankful I am for all I have, the big things and the smallest of small things. I truly believe thankfulness is a muscle you can build upon – by taking the time to appreciate what you have, you’ll start to see the world and all you have in a new light. 

So, without further ado, I’d love to share the top 3 reasons I’m thankful for swim lessons. 

  1. Safety. My kids have all gone through extensive swim lessons at SwimWest, from the earliest Parent-Tot classes to Shark level. From day 1, I noticed how lessons focused on teaching safety skills to the kids (and to the grownups!). Kids learn how to “monkey crawl” along the wall, pull themselves up and out of the water, swim to the side and how to roll over. But even beyond the actual safety lessons they learn *in* the water, kids and grownups learn how to be safe *around* the water. We’ve learned about Water Watchers, tips for staying safe on vacations, how to keep your child safe at a pool party and so much more. The lessons we’ve learned, both in the pool and out, have been fundamental to our understanding of water safety and what it means.
  2. Community. I still keep in touch with many of the families I’ve met through our time at SwimWest. The water builds bonds, especially when your child progresses through lessons with the same kids, or the same teachers. I love the relationships my kids have built with friends at swim lessons, and how they laugh as they wait their turn with the instructor. Lessons are small, which allows kids the chance to really get to know their classmates, and teachers are so great at getting to know their students and building rapport. We’ve had several swim teachers that ended up leaving for college or another state, and it was such a hard goodbye because my kids had grown really close to them!
  3. Confidence. Swim lessons build confidence. Lessons at SwimWest are progressive and build upon prior skills. It helps them feel confident in what they’ve learned and the level they can swim at. But even beyond the pool, swim lessons have helped build confidence in my kids in other ways. They’ve become stronger athletes, aware of their bodies and surroundings. They’ve become strong students, willing to put in hard work. It’s been amazing to see how the skills they learn in swim class translate outside the pool.

I hope you have a wonderful month and soak in all the little things you have in your life! Enjoy!



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