4 Lesser-Known, Scientifically Proven Benefits of Swim Lessons

We all know swim is an amazing physical workout throughout the lifespan. In early years it can help promote coordination, stamina and endurance. In later years, swim can help lower the risk of early death and promote mental and physical wellbeing.

If you’ve ever had an injury, swimming is a great low-impact workout, and if you want your kids to sleep like rocks, just have them spend an hour splashing around in the water! But there is also a TON of research into benefits of swimming beyond just the physical. From the Griffith University study to the Swim England study, swim has been proven to boost social, cognitive, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Here are a few findings:

Swimming makes kids Smarter!

No, really! Swimming is way more than just back floats and dolphin kicks.

Research has shown that kids who swim before age 5 reach developmental milestones sooner, score higher on visual-motor skills (like using scissors) and are more prepared for school. In fact, the Griffith University study found young swimmers were 6-20 months ahead of their peers in a variety of areas – from social skills, oral language skills and motor development!

Swimming Makes Kids More Confident

Unlike team sports, swimming allows children a chance to work at their own pace, set their own goals, and work on individual results.

As swimmers become more and more independent in the water, their confidence increases. They learn what they are capable of, and continue to push to do more and do better. Because swimmers are self-motivated, they often take these lessons of endurance and personal success outside of the pool, too. Research shows many little swimmers use the lessons they learn in swim class to school and help them succeed in other areas.

Swimming improves social skills

The small group sizes of swim lessons are perfect for boosting social skills, and the soothing nature of the pool helps anxious kids relax. From waiting turns and chatting on the steps to building friendships outside of the pool, swim gives kids a chance to develop relationships based on support and mutual respect. As children get older and swim becomes more competitive, kids learn how to work as a team and do their individual best.

Swimming Calms the Mind

Water is a gathering place – from backyard pool parties to weekend trips to the lake – and people love to socialize, relax and unwind near water. Here in Madison our local lakes are beloved, from swimming and boating in the summer to ice fishing in the winter, the water is enjoyable year round. The swimming pool is similarly relaxing, and at SwimWest, our warm water pool is even more soothing that the brisk lake water. Swimming has been proven to help mental wellness through rhythmic breathing, repetitive movement and increased serotonin production.

There you have it! Grab your suit and come spend the day with us at the pool. Your kids will love splashing around and you will all love the physical and mental benefits of swimming together.

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