5 Easy and Inexpensive DIY Gift Ideas

The holidays are sneaking up on us, and we are now deep into gift finding/buying/making season. Whether you love to hit the mall looking for just the right thing for your loved ones, or whether you love to sit in a cozy house crafting something unique, there are a bunch of great ways to make sure your loved ones feel special this holiday season. 

For those of us that like the *idea* of crafting but need a little nudge on how to do it or where to begin, here are some great options for creating homemade holiday gifts that people will love. Bonus! Your kids can help with these, too! 


  1. Tea Cup Candles: How adorable are these little tea cup candles? Grab a few inexpensive cups from your local thrift store, purchase wax, wicks and a candle pitcher you can use to heat the wax. Use these step-by-step instructions for an adorable, inexpensive gift!
  2. Soup Mix in a Jar: Share some warm, yummy soup with these super easy soup-in-a-jar. Here’s a link for the recipe and how-to instructions for Pasta Fagioli. The food in a jar idea is great for basically anything – try cookie recipes (just need to add the wet ingredients) or hot cocoa mix, too!
  3. Photo Coasters: This is a great idea for those special grandparents or in-laws! You’ll need tiles, mod podge, a few cute photos and some common art supplies to create these sweet (and functional!) gifts. Here are instructions to get you started.
  4. Snowy Mason Jars: These beautiful jars are a breeze to make – and your kids can definitely help! You’ll need mason jars (any size is fine), glue, epsom salt, glitter, and any decorations you’d like to add. Pop a tea light inside and you’ve created a lovely, inexpensive gift that would look great on a shelf or mantle.
  5. Holiday Potpourri: A friend made this for us a few years back and we LOVED it! This is such a cute idea for neighbors and friends and will make your house smell amazing! The recipe is super flexible, but here are a few ingredients and instructions to get you started.

We hope these homemade gift ideas have inspired you to try your own homemade gift ideas this year! Best of luck and happy holidays!