5 New Year’s Resolutions for Young Swimmers

Resolutions can help motivate young swimmers

Creating a New Year’s Resolution for your child’s swimming lessons is a great way to motivate them measure their achievements during the year and empower your young swimmer. Here are some great resolutions to keep in mind:

1 – Help them set swim goals

Do they want to just feel safe around the water or maybe they have their eye on a more competitive path? Thinking about and discussing the goal of swim lessons for your child can help them meet their resolutions faster.

2 – Trust the instructor

Our teaching team has been awarded locally and nationally with the Guiding Light Award, Outstanding Teacher Awards from the United States Swim School Association and several Top Notch Teacher Awards in Madison. They work hard to make sure their students get individual attention that makes sense for each child’s learning style.

3 – Get Some Sleep

Isn’t everything better after a good night’s sleep? Your swimmer’s swim lesson is no exception! A child who is bright, well-rested and excited to get into the pool will get the lesson off to a great start and create a much more productive experience for them.

4 – Come regularly

We recommend that a swimmer goes to swim lessons once a week all year round for learning essential swimming skills.   Practicing these skills once a week or even a couple times a month during open swim is a great idea to get the best results. Little swimmers can practice in the bathtub as a helpful way to develop new swimming skills.

5 – Go with the flow

Like every learning process, there are good days and bad days. It’s important for your young swimmer to know that one bad day doesn’t mean that the next day will be the same. Learning to relax and ride the learning “wave” to better swimming will make it more fun every day!