5 Tips for a Splashingly Fun (AND SAFE!) Pool Party

As we dive into the end-of-summer days, and school supplies loom at Target, it can feel like August is just a quick pit stop on the way to fall. For my family, August is a bit more relaxed than June and July. 

Swim lessons are mostly over. 

Swim and dive team wrapped up with All-City last week.

We’ve taken our big family vacation to Montana, and a few small trips to visit family out of state.

Our calendar of “summer” activities is winding down, and we’re beginning to prep for what’s next – fall sports, which start mid-August, and back-to-school, which is coming MUCH too soon. 

But despite the fast-approaching fall schedule, August is full of promise. August plays host to what feels like a lot of the REAL summer days – lazy mornings in pjs, making messy crafts at the kitchen table, turning on the sprinkler with friends and planning last minute outings to check off our summer bucket list. August weather is generally more consistent and more sunny, too, which makes it the perfect time to plan a pool party! 

For those with a pool at home or those with a private pool membership or those that love the hustle and bustle of the local public pool, planning a pool party can be a bit overwhelming. 

That’s why we’ve put together 5 tips for planning an awesome party – and we hope you can squeeze one in before the end of the summer! 

Here you go! 

5 Tips for a Splashingly Fun (AND SAFE!) Pool Party

  1. Keep your guest list small. A small list is so much more manageable – both in terms of planning snacks and in terms of keeping your guests safe. Watching 5 kids is MUCH easier than watching 15, particularly if you’re at a public pool where the water could be packed. Think, too, about the ages and abilities of your guests. Are they able to swim independently? Have they taken lessons? Will they be able to understand and follow the rules you set for the water?
  2. Pick an off-time. If you have your own backyard pool, this tip may not apply to you (other than off times often mean your guests are less likely to already have plans!), but for those planning a party at a public pool (or private pool), timing matters. Choose a time less likely to be jam-packed, like late afternoon or early morning. Prime times are more crowded, making it difficult to keep track of your swimmers and harder to keep your group together.
  3. Pack or Provide Gear. Kids love pool toys (think dive rings or rockets) and often forget to bring goggles to the pool. Have a few sets of each and it will make the pool party much more fun for the kiddos! Other ideas include: floats (depending on the pool’s rules), extra towels, sunscreen, water balls and water Barbies.
  4. Snacks! What party is complete without snacks? Swimmers work up an appetite! Cold snacks are fun (cut up fruit, veggies) and the usual goldfish crackers, chips, pretzels, etc, are always winners. If you’re headed to the public pool, springing for popsicles at the concession stand is a great option, too! 
  5. Water Watcher. Saving the best and more important tip for last – PLEASE make sure you have a “water watcher” during your party. Someone should be watching the swimmers at all times. A water watcher is a person designated for the job – they know not to be on their cell phones, drinking alcohol or distracted by conversation. For more information about water watchers, please check out this post. 

We hope these tips help set you up for a successful and SAFE pool party! Enjoy this last month of summer and soak up allll those summer rays!