7 Adorable Swim-Themed Halloween Costumes for Kids (and Adults!)

We’re inching closer to one of Madison’s very favorite days of the year – Halloween! Pumpkins, mums, skeletons and ghosts have all been popping up in front yards and porches over the past week or two, and in just a few weeks, Halloween will be here. I’m not sure about your family, but my kids look forward to this day all year long. There’s just something about getting dressed up, hanging out with friends and neighbors, and stuffing themselves with sugar that seems to be a huge draw. And, I have to admit, I enjoy all the festivities (and candy!), too. 

Since we’re a swim school, I thought it would be fun to share a round-up of swim and water themed costumes. Whether you prefer sweet, scary or funny, there are options for everyone! While this is definitely not an exhaustive list of all potential beach/swim/water themed options, hopefully this will help get your creative juices flowing as you plan out this year’s costumes.

We can’t wait to see pictures of our little swimmers all decked out for Halloween!

7 Adorable Swim-Themed Halloween Costumes for Kids (and Adults!)

  1. How funny is this adult-sized Crab costume? Perfect for the seafood lover (or grump – ha!) in your life.
  2. Grab a friend or your significant other and try out this adorable set of flip flops!
  3. You know how important safety is at SwimWest, so we especially love this kid’s lifeguard costume
  4. Is your kiddo a comedian? Check out this shark-eating-child costume!
  5. Perfect for a toddler and sooo sweet – a little orange fish costume!
  6. For the fancy kid who also loves sharks, this tutu set is adorable.
  7. A mermaid besides Ariel (although, she’s adorable, too!).

As you plan out your costumes, see if you can pair a few options together to make a family set! Parents as flip-flops, kids as fish? Parents as sharks, kids as bait? The sky’s the limit!

Enjoy your Halloween, and we can’t wait to see our sweet fishies at the pool! 



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