How to help your child cope and even thrive before and after

At SwimWest our instructors follow a progressive teaching system to create a safe and fun environment for our swimmers. The relationship between the instructor and student is a big part of that.

Changes in schedules can test that relationship. We work at minimizing any disruptions in your child’s class, but there are times when our instructors are unable to teach when scheduled. With some patience and lots of communication, you and your young swimmer will not only be able to cope with this transition but maybe even thrive.

Children Swimming Underwater

Swim Lessons should be fun!

Look on the bright side

Some good can come from exposing children to a variety of teaching styles. All swimmers react differently to different types of instruction. And while your child’s trust in their teacher is important, ensuring they can learn with other teachers is also important.

A fresh look presents a new perspective and can close gaps in our students swimming techniques and skills. There’s a good chance you’ll notice the benefit of a new instructor soon after.

Communication is key

At SwimWest we work hard at keeping all our swimmers and their parents informed. SwimWest will send out an email and speak to the swimmers in person the minute they know of any changes. When there is a substitute, we always have a sign at the front desk announcing who that person is and what they’re teaching.

All relationships matter

Luckily, our entire staff is personable, family orientated and definitely kid-friendly. Our instructors work at not only forming a relationship with your child but also with each other. As a team, we have each other’s back and treat all our SwimWest students like our own.

When an instructor misses a class, they will always have a substitute teacher who is also a SwimWest instructor. This instructor will be able to cover the levels needed for that shift. The substitute instructors are also given a lesson plan by the original instructor so there is no disruption in their students’ learning.

When a permanent switch occurs, the original instructor will tell their class personally. They will also tell them a little bit about the new instructor, so the children will know what to expect.

Creating happy, confident swimmers

While teacher changes are inevitable, relax knowing that we work hard to offer a fun, engaging learning environment for all our swimmers. Whether it’s a child’s first time in a new class or first time with a new instructor, we have the skill and understanding to make each trip to the pool a rewarding one.