A Super Splashing End-of-Summer Bucket List


Seriously, it feels like the summer just started, and that we are all finally getting into the groove of these sunny days together. But alas, August is here and that means our summer days are limited, no matter how much we wish we could hold onto them. 

Usually I sit down with my kids and make a summer bucket list in June, and we keep our eyes on the list throughout the summer to see what we still want to do before school starts again. For whatever reason, we didn’t make one this year. The end of the school year was more chaotic than usual, the weather was crummy, I got a nasty cold, etc, etc. Anyway, it’s now August, and I’m ready to get that list going! The thing is…our time is limited, so prioritizing what we can and should still do before the end of the summer is a challenge. That’s why I decided to focus solely on water-related activities! Yep, this is my end-of-summer WATER bucket list! I hope you’ll find the list a fun way to close out another beautiful Madison summer. 


  1. Play in the sprinkler
  2. Go to your favorite swimming pool
  3. Have a water balloon fight
  4. Wash your car at home
  5. Have the kids wash their bikes/toys in the yard
  6. Set up a hot wheels car wash station
  7. Visit a local beach (but make sure to check water levels before you go!)
  8. Go out on the water – rent a kayak, SUP or boat!
  9. Hit the splash pad. We love this one in Sauk City!
  10. Have a squirt gun fight
  11. Wade in the creek in Pheasant Branch.
  12. Play in the fountain at the union terrace
  13. Look for frogs and turtles at the pond in Middleton Hills
  14. Go fishing
  15. Skip rocks on the lake
  16. Float on a raft 
  17. Go down a waterslide
  18. Play Marco Polo
  19. Race down a slip n slide
  20. Dump a bucket of water on someone’s head – and let them dump one on you!
  21. Visit a pool you’ve never been to before
  22. Lay in the sun on a sandy beach
  23. Spray someone with a hose – and let them spray you!
  24. Visit the indoor water table at the Children’s Museum
  25. Let the kids make an outdoor water potion with leaves, flowers and dirt!

I hope you enjoy the last month of summer – and please share your own end-of-summer ideas in the comments! 

Happy splashing!