Things to Know before Sending your Child to a Home with a Pool

My oldest son (7) is finally at an age where he goes to playdates alone – as long as we know the family, trust them and feel like we can openly ask them questions. Some things are obvious – we need to know who will be home, who will be supervising, what time to come […]

Sun Safety Tips

Two years ago, my dad scared us all with a Melanoma diagnosis. He went through treatment, and he is healthy, but it was a wake up call about the importance of doing anything and everything possible to protect my family from dangerous UV rays. According to the CDC, more than 5 million people are diagnosed […]

Get in the Pool: Swimming isn’t just for Kids!

Let’s face it: swimming is a LOT less intimidating when you’re a kid. As an adult, I’ve had to swallow my insecurities and force myself to squeeze into my swimsuit and head to the pool. This is the first year my family purchased a pool membership, which means we head to the pool daily. In […]