by | May 25, 2016

Fitchburg and Deming Family Splash and Play!

$25 per reservation

Kids need to move their bodies during the day so come for Family Splash and Play!

Reserve a section of the pool for your family (and maybe a few friends that you have invited and have been social distancing with). Parent supervision required at all times. Registration is required. 

At our Fitchburg and Deming location, choose which section you would like to reserve of the pool for 50 minutes.   Up to 6 swimmers per reservation.

West Madison Pool Map

Fitchburg Pool Map

How much does it cost?

$25 payment will be collected at the time of registration of booking

How many people can be in our group?

Up to 6 people in one group  

Can people outside our household come for that price?

Yes, this is your space that you reserved. 

How long does the splash time last?

50 minutes

How far in advance can I sign up?

You can sign up as early as now or if there is room you can sign up the same day. 

What is the cancelation policy?

We cannot offer refunds for booked spots. No refund will be given

Can I use a makeup for the splash and play?

No, you may not use makeup

Do I need to be in the pool with my children when they are swimming?

 Swimmers under the age of 6 or are not proficient in swimming must have a parent in the water or wear a life jacket. 

Can I bring food and drink to Family Splash and Play?

Please no food in the building at this time.   We do have the water bottle filler available for water.  Please bring in your own water bottle to fill to keep hydrated.

When Can I arrive for Family Splash and Play

Please arrive only 5 minutes before your scheduled swim.  We encourage you to bring your swimmers already dressed in their swim suits.    After your family swim, please wrap and go out the side door to help with social distancing.   The shower after Family Splash and Play is not available at this time.

Can I drop off my swimmers and go do errands or stay in my car in the parking lot?

Please do not drop off your swimmers if they are under 16 years old.  We need an adult on site at all times their are children in our facility.