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What is the cost of joining the SwimWest Sharks?

The cost for is $21.75 per lesson. Tuition is billed monthly based on the number of classes that will meet, prorating for holidays when SwimWest is closed.

How many days per week are we required to swim?

You can sign up for one practice (the one day per week has to be the same day every week) or you can add additional class times with additional tuition.

Do we get a discount for registering for multiple practices per week?

Yes, you do. SwimWest offers a multi-class discount when more than 2 or 3 classes are enrolled per student.

Can we do drop-in practices?

Drop-ins are definitely allowed and encouraged provided:
There is a spot available in the practice you would like to attend.
You are already signed up for practice on a different day.
You call ahead to secure your spot, as some practices may already be full. The drop-in fee is $21.75/practice for registered swimmers.

How many children swim during each Shark level time?

Up to 14 swimmers are allowed per practice time.

Do the SwimWest Sharks swim by the season?

Our swim team follows the same calendar as our learn-to-swim levels.

Do we get a discount for having multiple children on Sharks?

SwimWest offers a multi-class discount when 2 or more classes are enrolled each week.

How often are the All Center Achievement Swims?

SwimWest typically hosts 3 Achievement Swims per year.

Do we have to pay extra to swim in Achievement Swims?

Yes, there is a nominal fee to swim in each Achievement Swim along with some paperwork. If you swim in the SwimWest Olympics, there is either a donation of an item for charity or a small fee. You can register for those Achievement Swims at the front desk prior to the event.

If we join the SwimWest Sharks, do we have to compete?

You are not required to compete as a member of the SwimWest Sharks. Competing is a choice that each swimmer and their parents can make. You are encouraged to join our internal Achievement Swims.

My child knows how to swim. What is the value of joining the Sharks? Why should they compete?

The Shark level is a great place to continue with stroke development as well as work on the elements of competition (starts, turns, and relays). It is also a good way to incorporate the atmosphere of a team without necessarily needing to compete. We are building skills that will help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Competing is an awesome motivator! If your child wants to be a better swimmer and is driven by challenge, the Shark level allows them to not only compete as an individual but as a team member as well.