Creative Ways to Gift Wrap an Experience from SwimWest

Fun Ways to Wrap Up a Gift of Experience

Creative Ways to Gift Wrap an Experience from SwimWest

Fingerlings, Grumblies and yes, Baby Alive is back! All the popular toys that will come and go this year and that your children will soon forget. However, before you find yourself up to your eyeballs in too many toys, why not give the gift of an experience which will create memories, leave a lasting impression and offer a fantastic skill they’ll use the rest of their lives? Last week we made a case for giving swim lessons as a present this holiday. It’s an easy choice because confidence around the water and water safety is a real gift that most who have it…take for granted and because swimming is fun!

So, now that you’ve purchased a great experience for your little one – how do you actually gift it in a way that adds to the excitement of the season?

Some of our parents at SwimWest had some great ideas.

  • Every swimmer at SwimWest knows the dolphin mascot. Incorporate an image of our friendly dolphin in your gift, and they’ll recognize it right away!
  • Does your swimmer have a favorite bath toy like a rubber duck? How about a new one presented with a gift card for swim lessons?
  • How about a scavenger hunt leading them on clues that finally end up to the gift of swimming?
  • Who doesn’t love a puzzle? Get an old puzzle and overlay the SwimWest logo (include the dolphin!) then cut it out and have them put it together to discover their gift.

More Ways to Give the Gift of Swimming:

Stuff their stockings: SwimWest sells an array of swim related items just the right size for a stocking stuffer including Iplay rashguards, silicone swim caps, goggles, etc.

Wrap it up in a towel: You can never have enough towels when you have a swimmer in the house! A themed towel or one in their favorite color will be a wonderful surprise to go with their swim lessons.

Put in Words: Words of encouragement always sit well. Why not offer up a lovely card filled with a compliment on how great they’re doing and how proud you are?

Attach it to a new swimsuit: Who doesn’t love a bit of fashion? Presented with the promise of swim lessons and they’ll be looking and feeling great at their lesson

Regardless of how you plan to give your gift, an experience creates a lasting impression and gives back well past the holiday season. For more information on giving a SwimWest gift contact the front desk or stop by to see what will be the best choice for you and your family.