Fun (and funny!) Ways to Celebrate National Day of Laughter

Why do dolphins only swim in salt water? 

A: Because pepper makes them sneeze!

Why can elephants swim whenever they want?

A: Because they always have their trunks!

What did the ocean say to the beach?

A: Nothing…it just waved

In case you’re unaware, March 19th is National Day of Laughter, which clearly means we can FIN-ALLY share all of our best swim jokes and puns with you! I mean, is there any-fin better than a good old pun?

Seriously, it’s been a TOUGH few years for most of us. In a world that has been hurting from a pandemic, global conflict and general feelings of unease, it’s a great way to incorporate a bit of lightness and humor into your day. And we all know laughter is important. In fact, some studies have show laughter can help relieve tension, boost your immune system and help you relax. Plus, it’s fun! So let’s use March 19th to make someone laugh…and make sure you get in on the giggles, too!

Here are a few fun ways to “celebrate” a day honoring laughter with your own family!

  1. Watch a funny family movie
  2. Make up your own jokes and share them at dinner
  3. Read a funny passage from a book
  4. Brainstorm funny words
  5. Do Mad Libs together
  6. Tell your favorite joke (Here’s mine: what did one snowman say to the other snowman? A: Smells like carrots around here!)
  7. Think of ideas for April Fool’s Day (and maybe try a prank early…)
  8. Play a funny game (if your kids are old enough, Mad Gab is a favorite at our house)
  9. Have a staring contest (somehow this ALWAYS seems to end in laughter)
  10. Have a tickle war!
  11. Do something your kids love but you usually avoid (Nerf fight, pillow fight, Hide and Seek)
  12. Have a dance party and make up your own dance moves 
  13. Play Simon Says with funny actions/movements
  14. Make silly faces with your kids
  15. Challenge each other to talk without using a letter in the alphabet (sooo fun with older kids)
  16. Play charades

We hope you use National Laughter Day as a reminder to make life fun when you can, and laugh when you can, and share the joy and happiness with those around you.

Happy National Laughter Day!