Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day

Next week is “Kids take over the kitchen day”, which may or may not be a day to celebrate if your kids are as messy as mine. Just kidding! Getting into the kitchen is a great way to let your kids showcase their independence and creativity…even if it comes with a few spills and crumbs along the way. In fact, during our pandemic school year, my kids (6 and 9) spent a TON of time in the kitchen together. We bought them each a kid’s cookbook (this and this) which offered simple, easy-to-follow recipes. I helped with the oven, but they were able to do everything else with little to no assistance. In fact, they even “helped” clean up at the end (in quotes because “trying” to clean isn’t the same as actually cleaning).

This year, celebrate “Kids take over the kitchen day” on September 13 by giving up the kitchen to your kiddos (or at least sharing it!) and letting them try their hand at a recipe or two. For the youngest kids, maybe they mix the ingredients, or help get items out of the cupboards. For kids old enough to read and/or follow a recipe, find something simple for them to try. Applesauce? Cookies? Playdough? Ideally it should be something they are excited about, and something that’s easy enough for them to do without getting frustrated. Help as needed, but otherwise let them troubleshoot and make mistakes – it’s how they learn!

My kids have a few recipes they especially love, and they are very motivated in the kitchen! Their favorites are cookies and scones, both of which are incredibly simple to make. They do make a mess, but they know they need to put all the ingredients back and dishes in the sink. I help wipe things down because otherwise a lot ends up on the floor! It’s actually pretty impressive that they are able to follow a recipe, sort-of clean up AND share their goodies with me!

If you are interested in letting your kiddos try to bake or cook, here are the cookbooks we bought and love:

  1. The Complete Cookbook for Young Chefs
  2. The Complete Baking Book for Young Chefs

Also, we have a great local option for kids that love to cook – Yummy Sprout! This local business is run by a mom with 2 young kids, and helps foster a love of cooking through classes, parties and camps. Check it out if your child loves the kitchen!

I hope you’ll give your child a chance to take over the kitchen next week (mess and all!). Kids are SO proud of what they create, and it’s a great opportunity for teaching lifelong skills. Hopefully you’ll also get a sample or two along the way! Enjoy!