Maximizing Swim Lesson Time

Parents know swimming is a critical safety skill – and swim lessons are a critical part of helping kids learn the hows and whys of water safety. From water awareness to skill building, SwimWest makes safety its number one priority. But how can you help make sure your child is maximizing their time in the pool, especially when that time is only 30 minutes once a week?

Here are a few tips to help you make sure your child is making the most of each lesson.

Be on time

Let’s start with the basics. It seems obvious, but if you want to make the most of those precious 30 minutes of swim class, make sure you are on time…or even early! Getting ready for lessons always takes longer than you expect (at least in my family!) – from last minute potty breaks to digging in the swim bag for goggles and caps, being “swim-ready” takes time. Aim to arrive at SwimWest at least 5-10 minutes before the start of lessons (depending on whether you are changing at SwimWest or at home!) to leave your child time to be dressed, showered and ready to hop in the water.

Check on suits, goggles and caps in advance

This goes along with being on time, but make sure you check your child’s suits, goggles and caps to make sure they fit correctly and comfortably. While our SwimWest instructors are more than happy to help adjust goggle bands or lend a swim cap, those actions do take time away from actual swimming. If you want to maximize your child’s time in the water, help out by ensuring they don’t need assistance with these little things.

Make sure you know where you’re headed

Whether you’re new to SwimWest, changed teachers, leveled up or are coming to a make-up lesson, make sure you know where your child is headed. Stop by our friendly front-desk team and they can help you figure out the right color flag to look for. Knowing where your child is headed will ensure they can get to their teacher and class on time.

Attend Show and Tell Week

Not only is it fun for kids to share what they’re learning in swim lessons, it’s helpful for parents and caretakers to know how their child is progressing and the skills they’re working on. By coming to Show and Tell week, you’ll have a great launching off point for asking your child what they are learning in class. It’s amazing how hard kids try to impress their parents and caretakers – and showing you’re interested in what they are learning will help them stay motivated to do their best each week in class!

Watch your child in the water

Is your child having fun during class? Do they seem to have a relationship with their teacher? Are other kids a distraction? By paying attention to your child’s swim lesson, you are able to see how time is being spent each week. The more you know, the better you can help make sure they are in a class that fits them. Do they need kids that aren’t so talkative? Do they need a different instructor to communicate instructions in a new way? After you’ve observed their swim lesson, make sure to ask questions after class if you feel like they struggled. For example: “I noticed the instructor had to talk to you a few times during your lesson today – can you tell me what was going on?” or “The kids in your class seem really fun – are you still able to hear your teacher when they are talking to you?”

We hope these tips help prepare your child for a successful lesson!