Meet Silas and his Favorite Teacher, Ms. Caitlin!

Meet Silas, an adorable 2nd grader, and his favorite swim teacher, Caitlin! Caitlin has lived in the Madison area for over 20 years, and her enthusiasm and passion for kids shows every day. She and Silas have a special bond and have been swimming together at SwimWest for over 5 years.

One of Caitlin’s favorite memories of Silas is the first time he did a flip in the water – he was SO excited! “His older siblings do it and he wanted to keep up with them. When he finally did a front flip, he was so proud of himself. Now he doesn’t want any help and wants to do flips all day long – and he loves when I do a flip too! Silas is now learning to do backflips. It’s been so awesome to see Silas go from being pretty nervous and clinging to me to wanting to do everything on his own.”

Here are some fun facts about Caitlin and Silas!

1. How long have you lived in the Madison area?

Caitlin: I have lived in the Madison area since 1999.

Silas: All my life

2. Craziest Day at SwimWest

Caitlin: We had one teacher call in because they were sick, one teacher get into an accident and a third teacher couldn’t get here because it was snowing. I had to figure it all out and how to have enough teachers in the water.

3. 3 Things you Love about SwimWest

Caitlin: I love getting kids to master skills they have been working on. It is so exciting when they move up or master a skill!

Silas: the pool, Ms. Caitlyn and the showers

4. Favorite Madison area Restaurant

Caitlin: My favorite restaurant is Bistro 101 in Mount Horeb.

Silas: Culvers

5. Wisconsin Winters or Wisconsin Summers?

Caitlin: Summers for sure!

6. Favorite thing to do in the winter? Favorite thing to do in the summer?

Silas: Winter: Swim at SwimWest and get Culvers afterwards. In the Summer, Swim wherever I can, in a pool or at the lake

7. Favorite Swim Stroke?

Caitlin: Breaststroke

Silas: Not a stroke but he loves to do summersaults forward and backwards

8. Something You’re Looking Forward to

Caitlin: I am looking forward to summer! I love to be outside in the summer.

Silas:  My Birthday

9. Something you have Taken Away from your Job

Caitlin: I have learned to work with kids with all different abilities.  I truly love working with kids. They always make my day so much better!

Thanks for sharing with us, Caitlin and Silas! We truly love our instructors and families and can’t wait to see you around the pool!