Our Favorite Swim Lesson Hacks to Simplify Your Life

Let’s face it. 

Fall is full of activities, and for those with kids in elementary school and above, after school evenings are often jam-packed. Squeezing in dinner, clean up, homework and time for relaxation in between sports, clubs, music lessons and other commitments can be HARD. So hard, in fact, that we decided to create a list of our favorite swim lesson hacks to make your swim parent life a tad bit easier. 

While we can’t make you dinner, or help with your child’s homework, we know quite a bit about swim lessons – from packing a swim bag to managing anxious kids to hitting the showers and getting home afterwards. 

Let’s hope these small steps can be replicated in other areas to make your life just a teeny tiny bit less crazy this fall. Best of luck to all our swim kids as they begin another year of school!

Our Favorite Swim Lesson Hacks to Make Your Swim-Parent-Life Easier

Keep your swim bag loaded with the essentials that don’t need to be added each week.

For example, make sure you have goggles (a back up pair is great, too!), a swim cap, shower supplies (if you plan to shower afterwards) and an extra suit all packed each week. I’ll never forget the week I took my son to class and realized I didn’t have a swimsuit packed in the bag for him. By having an extra on hand in your bag, you’ll save yourself the embarrassment of having to ask the front desk for one to borrow (not that I would know…)

Unload your swim bag right away.

It’s so easy to forget your swim bag in the car, or leave it in the entryway full of wet towels and suits. Make a habit of getting the wet stuff out right away and toss your bag in the closet or wherever you keep it until next time.

Bring easy clothes to change into.

This is critical. Skip the leggings or other tight fitting clothes and think baggy, flowy or simple. The less you have to tug onto wet skin after lessons, the better. If it’s evening, consider bringing pajamas to change into and you’ll save yourself an extra step later.

Pack a snack.

If you have kids, just pack a snack. Enough said, right?

Bring something to do while you wait.

If you’re hanging in the waiting room during lessons, bring something to do. My daughter used to have Sunday night lessons and I’d bring my planner and a notebook and plot out the week’s meals and to-dos. It was nice to have dedicated time to be productive. 

Don’t book something immediately after lessons.

It’s just not worth the stress of racing around. Showering, drying off and getting fresh clothes on all take time, and usually more time than you’re expecting. Give yourself some wiggle room in case there’s a snag and you’ll save yourself a headache.

We hope these ideas bring you a bit of support during these hectic fall months, and we can’t wait to see you at the pool! 




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