Rainy Activities for the Whole Family

While technically much of Wisconsin is still way below the average precipitation for the year, it sure doesn’t feel like it in Madison. We have had SO much rain lately, and it makes my kids squirrelly and my house an utter mess as we are all cooped up together inside. With a forecast ahead predicting more rain, I’m choosing to embrace the “no bad weather” philosophy and find ways to get my family outside rain or shine. 

Here are some of our favorite ways to embrace the “bad” weather and enjoy our time in the rain!

  • Go to the zoo. Open rain or shine, you’re bound to still see an animal or two as you stroll through the grounds.
  • Take a puddle walk. Grab your rainboots and go splashing in the biggest and best puddles you can find. My kids thoroughly enjoy getting as wet and dirty as possible as we search for the best puddles.
  • Look for worms. My kids also love worm hunting, and there’s no better time than after a storm. While the grass may be too wet too play, the sidewalks are great for taking a walk and looking for the slimy little guys.
  • Have a dance party. Yep, sometimes bad weather just calls for going outside and getting yourself completely soaked while dancing under the drops. Obviously not for cold weather (BRRR) but summer storms are a blast! Just stay inside if there’s lightning, of course.
  • Go for a walk somewhere new. Grab umbrellas, raincoats and a quick change of clothes in case you get absolutely soaked, then find a new neighborhood or path for a walk. A change of scenery can be a huge mood boost!
  • Collect the rain. My kids love to make positions, so giving them some buckets to set out in the rain and watch fill gives them a “job” they can do during the rain. They can use food coloring or oil or just mix dirt into the buckets and have fun making concoctions. The rain makes it feel more special than using the sink, at least according to my kids.
  • Go for a drive. While technically not actually “outside”, going for a drive can be a great way to pass some time together. Listen to music on the radio, sing songs, hit up a drive-thru or just go for a ride somewhere else…Whatever you do, it will be better than staying cooped up indoors!

I hope these ideas give you some inspiration as we head into one of the rainiest parts of the year. Please feel free to share your own ideas in the comments!