So You’re Headed to the Waterpark….Here are Our Top Tips!

When you live just a short drive away from the waterpark capital of the world, waterpark tips are
a must for summer! And now, knee-deep into the last month of summer, we know many of you
are wrapping up those bucket lists and last-minute summer activities before the hustle and
bustle of the fall season.

If you haven’t yet made it to a waterpark this summer, we highly recommend it! Not only are
there tons of options to choose from (in fact, we have our very own right here in Sun Prairie),
they are fun for both kids AND parents! Do you love the thrill of a steep slide? A float on the lazy
river? A dip in the hot tub? Waterparks have options for just about anyone that loves the water,
and you can easily spend a day jumping from feature to feature without getting bored.
So grab your suit, sunscreen and maybe an Advil (those stairs are a killer!) and head out on a
sunny day!

Here are our top tips for a day at the waterpark!
1. Pack the “must-haves”. You’ll need towels (bring extra!), sunscreen, a change of clothes
and water/snacks (if allowed). Optional ideas that are great to have are: change for
lockers, a waterproof bag to tuck in your pocket for valuables and a good book
2. Leave valuables at home. Don’t bring anything you would be heartbroken to lose, and
keep anything you MUST bring in a safe spot. If you have zippable pockets, tuck your
license and phone in a waterproof bag inside. If not, grab a locker for your most
important items.
3. Arrive early! Get a good parking place AND find the best available seating for your day.
Ideally choose a spot in the shade since you’ll likely be getting plenty of sun while
hopping on rides!
4. Set up a meeting place with your party. For older kids or adults, make sure everyone
knows when and where to meet up. Do regular check ins to make sure your group is
having fun, wearing sunscreen and hydrated! For younger kids, make sure they are
being monitored at all times.
5. Do some research on the park. Do they have height restrictions for certain rides? Age
requirements? Are some rides better for young kids and some too scary? Do a little
research on your destination to put together a rough idea of what you plan to do while
you’re there. Also, if there is a really popular ride you are hoping to do, put that first (or at
the very end of the day) to avoid mega long lines.
6. Swim Diapers / Bag. If your child isn’t potty trained, make sure to bring PLENTY of swim
diapers and wipes!
7. Buy tickets in advance. Most waterparks offer tickets online and many have deals if you
purchase your tickets in advance. Not only will this (potentially) save you money, it will
save you time when you arrive.
8. Join in the fun! Maybe waterparks aren’t your favorite activity, but try to find something you enjoy doing with your kids. Maybe it’s floating on the lazy river? There are so many unique options at our local waterparks, try something new and maybe you’ll be hooked!

We hope you enjoy this final month of summer, and that you can squeeze in a fun day trip to a
local waterpark!



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