SwimWest Sharks

See what the Sharks are all about…

Why Choose the SwimWest Sharks?

The focus of the SwimWest Sharks is stroke refinement; a more refined stroke equals faster swimming times. Our instructors create workouts for an hour of competitive stroke drills, turns, and starts. Our Sharks get individual attention with a 1 to 6 instructor/swimmer ratio. Swimmers can join the Sharks year-round or join local outdoor swim clubs in the summer.

What are the requirements to be in the Shark level?

Your swimmer will need to be able to swim 100 yards of Butterfly, Breaststroke, Freestyle and Backstroke with open and flip turns.

Will the SwimWest Sharks Compete in Meets?

The Sharks will have the opportunity to compete against each other in two in-house meets a year at our Deming Way location. Email customer service for assistance registering.

What are the Fees to Become a Shark?

Become a SwimWest Shark with one practice per week at a rate of $21.75/practice. To register for additional practices, please call ahead and check for availability.

Have more questions? You can visit our Sharks FAQ Page!