Tri 4 School and SwimWestIn our continued mission to promote water safety and education, SwimWest Swim School looks for ways to reach out to everyone in our community. Since 2016, we have been working to help all children learn a love of water and even become competitive athletes by providing lessons for the Tri 4 Schools organization. Tri 4 Schools is a non-profit devoted to encouraging healthy, active kids and schools in Wisconsin through youth swimming, biking, and running events and programs that support school health and fitness initiatives.

SwimWest has been working with Lincoln Elementary School and Wright Middle School, who are a part of the group of schools included in the organization. When asked, our instructors were very enthusiastic about the program.

 “I enjoy seeing all of the kids become more confident in their swimming skills and in themselves.” – Mikaela Koller

“It’s great to work with a group who organizes these opportunities for kids who might not otherwise have this opportunity.” – Josh Reddemann

What SwimWest Provides:

  • Three 30-minute lessons with 4-6 of our instructors for each school. Our goal in working with these students is that they gain confidence while also being safe swimming a greater distance than they are used to in their triathlon. The focus of each lesson is working with each student teaching them freestyle and backstroke emphasizing safe ways to get a breath without running out of energy.
  • If the swimmers are advanced (have mastered side breathing), we help them work on their endurance and gain more confidence to compete at a longer distance.
  • If the swimmers have not yet mastered side breathing, we encourage them to roll over to their backs for a breath (for as long as they need) before returning to their stroke. We also practice switching from freestyle to backstroke when a swimmer gets tired.
  • For beginner swimmers, we work on the basics of floating and adding movement through the water. We then help them practice swimming 25 yards with a noodle (which is allowed for them in the triathlon) so that they gain confidence in swimming that distance.

Click through our slide show below to see some of the instructors and students in action. We’ve included the great comments from the teachers and students too.