ISR versus Traditional Swim Lessons: Why we Prefer the Gentle Approach

As a parent, it’s hard not to feel sick to my stomach every time I see another headline about a child drowning. From Levi’s story last summer to Granger Smith’s story this summer, it seems there is always a tragic, high profile case that demonstrates how quickly a child can drown. In fact, drowning is […]

Sun Safety Tips

Two years ago, my dad scared us all with a Melanoma diagnosis. He went through treatment, and he is healthy, but it was a wake up call about the importance of doing anything and everything possible to protect my family from dangerous UV rays. According to the CDC, more than 5 million people are diagnosed […]

Fourth of July Water Safety Tips

Celebrating the Fourth of July is always so much fun with kids, and there are tons of options for family-friendly fun here in the Madison area. From seeing fireworks, hosting BBQs, heading out on one of our lovely local lakes, hitting the pool or just relaxing at home, there are so many ways to make […]

5 Reasons to Keep your Child in Swim Lessons this Summer

Lakes, pools, and splash parks surround us which is why water fun is a massive part of life here in Madison. It’s also one good reason to enroll your child in swim lessons this summer. Learn four more reasons in today’s blog post by Madison Mom’s Blogger, Betsy Stern.

The importance of Fun: Helping your Child Enjoy the Water

Betsy Stern from Madison Moms Blog shows us how to help our kids develop a love for water and enjoy their swim lessons in the process!