5 Reasons to Keep your Child in Swim Lessons this Summer

Lakes, pools, and splash parks surround us which is why water fun is a massive part of life here in Madison. It’s also one good reason to enroll your child in swim lessons this summer. Learn four more reasons in today’s blog post by Madison Mom’s Blogger, Betsy Stern.

How Swimming can Benefit Children with Autism | National Autism Awareness Month

This month is National Autism Awareness Month and, in its honor, we are sharing a few reasons why swimming is beneficial for kids on the spectrum.

Children Swimming Underwater

A Change in Your Child’s Swim Instructor

We work at minimizing any disruptions in your child’s swim lesson, but there are times when our instructors are unable to teach when scheduled. With some patience and lots of communication, you and your young swimmer will not only be able to cope with this transition but maybe even thrive.


A World Without Swimming?

What would a life without being able to appreciate the fun water brings to our life be like? We ask a few of our young SwimWest swimmers for answers.

SwimWest Lesson Etiquette for Parents and Kids

Don’t know what to do or what to expect when your child takes her first swim lesson? Learn some of the basic etiquette and the answer to your questions in this week’s blog post.

Helping Your Child Overcome a Fear of Water

Knowing how to swim and prevent any panic around the water are unquestionably life-saving skills. At SwimWest our primary goal is water safety. Understanding a child’s fear of water is one of the first steps in that goal.

The importance of Fun: Helping your Child Enjoy the Water

Betsy Stern from Madison Moms Blog shows us how to help our kids develop a love for water and enjoy their swim lessons in the process!

How to keep your children active in Winter

While it’s a little easier in the summer to keep our children moving, the winter can present some challenges.

When to Push Your Young Swimmer

With a little help from some industry experts and your SwimWest instructor, you may not have to push too hard for your child to not only enjoy swimming and swim lessons but to excel at it for years to come.

You and your over-scheduled kid

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics your child needs a good mix of scheduled activities and some time that is not governed by the clock. But how do you tell if you have an over-scheduled kid?