Kids Don't Float Kiosk

Kids Don’t Float

The Kids Don’t Float program features free day-use of life jackets for children around the lower Wisconsin riverways. Learn more about the program and how you can get involved in this week’s blog post.

5 Family-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is fast approaching and we are here to share some of our favorite ways your family can get in the spirit – from simple tips on saving energy to activities your whole family will enjoy!

How Swimming can Benefit Children with Autism | National Autism Awareness Month

This month is National Autism Awareness Month and, in its honor, we are sharing a few reasons why swimming is beneficial for kids on the spectrum.

SwimWest Swim Instructor

Meet Your Swim Instructor

Each month at SwimWest we like to sit down with one of our instructors and ask them a few questions that help you get to really know them. This month we talked with Kristina Bauer, SwimWest Swim Instructor who teaches a variety of swim lessons for all ages.


A World Without Swimming?

What would a life without being able to appreciate the fun water brings to our life be like? We ask a few of our young SwimWest swimmers for answers.

SwimWest Lesson Etiquette for Parents and Kids

Don’t know what to do or what to expect when your child takes her first swim lesson? Learn some of the basic etiquette and the answer to your questions in this week’s blog post.

Beyond the Water: Valuable Lessons your Child will Learn in Swim Lessons

As parents, we all understand the safety benefits of swim lessons. Swimming is an extracurricular activity that is fun AND life-saving. But did you know there are many benefits to swim lessons beyond the skills they are learning in the water?

Helping Your Child Overcome a Fear of Water

Knowing how to swim and prevent any panic around the water are unquestionably life-saving skills. At SwimWest our primary goal is water safety. Understanding a child’s fear of water is one of the first steps in that goal.

Taking the Plunge

Founder of SwimWest, Karen Clay, is a true entrepreneur. In this article we learn a bit more about how SwimWest came to be and where it will continue to go.

Taking Care of Swimmer Skin and Hair

Chlorine protects us from the harmful bacteria that can grow in our pool, but it can take its toll, on our skin and hair leaving our skin dry and itchy and our hair dry and brittle. SwimWest Swim Instructor and Mom of 2, Amy Horvath, gives us some tips on how to protect and ward off the effects of chlorine on your body.