Teaming up to Keep our Water Clean

Keeping our water clean

Teaming up to keep our water clean

We take great pride in keeping our pool water clean and free of germs and contaminants. In fact, we have installed an Ultraviolet sanitation system at both SwimWest locations. This system kills bacteria, viruses, molds and other spores that Chlorine is unable to remove, drastically reducing the risk of infection to our swimmers. Our UV system also destroys chloramines, the compounds responsible for itchy eyes and skin.

As hard as we work to keep our pool clean, there are a few simple things parents and kids can do to help maintain our pool cleanliness.

Here are 5 ways YOU can help us keep our water clean!

1. Rinse Off – Did you know that rinsing off for just 12 seconds before you swim can make a huge difference on our water quality? Many families rinse off after swim lessons (also important for protecting skin) but just a quick rinse before getting into the pool can help remove dirt, oil and bacteria from your skin.

2. Wear a Swim Cap – By tucking hair into a swim cap, you help keep hair from our pool filters, keep hair from your swimmer’s face, and add a small layer of protection from chlorine.

3. Use the Bathroom Before Class – Have your child use the bathroom before getting into the pool and shower right after to help keep bacteria out of the water. Plus, your child won’t need to run to the bathroom mid-lesson!

4. Double Diaper – Double diapering children under 3 years old helps keep the pool cleaner in case an accident happens. Cloth reusable swim diapers work much better than disposable at preventing leaks.

5. Bare Feet on Deck – It’s important to take off shoes and boots before stepping onto the pool deck. Keeping mud and dirt out of the pool area keeps the water cleaner since children can pick up the dirt on their bare feet before getting into the pool.

Even though we work hard to keep the water clean, it’s still a good idea to make sure your child rinses off in the shower again after class. This helps clean off the chlorine and prevent skin from drying out (particularly during the winter months!).

Bonus! If you wash with shampoo and soap, you can skip bath time later!

Everyone wants to swim in clean water, so thanks for your help in keeping our pool clean and fresh.