Top 10 reason to swim during the summer at SwimWest

  1. SwimWest incorporates water safety in every lesson. Families are around lakes and pools all summer long.  Keep those safety skills strong!
  2. At SwimWest, there is no wind, the water temperature is a wonderful 89*, and the the pool area is always warm. Less shivering!
  3. No sunblock needed at SwimWest (and no sunburns)!
  4. No rain cancellations.
  5. Consistent, expertly trained, CPR certified instructors.
  6. Keep swimming with our strong program to avoid regression of skills and keep building upon established skills.
  7. Small class sizes at SwimWest!  (most of our classes have no more than 4 swimmers per instructor)
  8. Swimming is one of the best exercises out there for all ages!  Good for the mind and the body.
  9. A lot of options for busy summer schedules at SwimWest! (see section below)
  10. Sign up with a friend and if they are new to SwimWest, you’ll receive a $50 referral bonus.
  11. It’s fun!

Register for our West Madison location here & Register for our Fitchburg location here.

Busy summer? We have options for you!

Want to enroll for just the first part of summer? You can enroll now and give us your desired end date. Enroll online and put your desired end date in the comment section or contact the front desk. Enroll for multiple classes a week or just one a week.
Want to enroll for just the middle or last part of summer? You can contact us this summer up to 2 weeks ahead of when you want to swim and we can get you set up.
Know you might miss a few? During the summer, we allow flexibility with our makeup policy. Even if you miss more than one a month, you are still eligible to do makeup lessons for each. The makeup lessons just need to be done by August 26 or you can always pick up a family swim pass.
Want to give your swimmers a boost in a short amount of time? Enroll in our Everyday for Two Week lessons. Details below.

Everyday for Two Weeks lessons (Fitchburg location only)
Give your swimmers a boost with our Everyday for Two Week Lessons.  Monday-Friday throughout the summer.
Some of our classes are full, but below is a list of of openings. Not all are available for online registration, so you may need to contact the front desk at 608 276 7946 or to register.

6/11-6/22 8:30am Seal
6/11-6/22 Noon Jellyfish, Manatee, Whale

6/25-7/6 (closed 7/4) 8:30am Little Snapper, Angelfish, Blowfish, Clownfish, Jellyfish, Seal, Seahorse
6/25-7/6 (closed 7/4) Noon Jellyfish, Octopus, Manatee, Whale

7/9-7/20 8:30am Little Snapper, Angelfish, Blowfish, Clownfish, Jellyfish, Seal, Seahorse, Octopus, Manatee, Whale
7/9-7/20 Noon Angelfish, Blowfish

7/23-8/3 8:30am Little Snapper, Angelfish, Blowfish, Clownfish, Jellyfish, Seal, Seahorse, Octopus, Manatee, Whale
7/23-8/3 Noon Angelfish, Blowfish, Seal, Seahorse

8/6-8/17 8:30am Jellyfish, Seal, Seahorse
8/6-8/17 Noon Seal, Seahorse, Blowfish, Clownfish