Core values: Safety, Service, Teamwork, Fun, Friendliness, Energy, Dedication

Mission Statement: The mission of SwimWest School of Instruction, Inc. is to teach families to love swimming and to become safer, more comfortable, and responsible in the water.

Required Qualifications:

  • Lifeguard must possess current American Red Cross Lifeguarding and CPR certifications
  • Must be extremely friendly, outgoing, happy, and gracious at all times
  • Must be willing and content to serve others
  • Must have the ability to remain calm, personable, and professional while multitasking.
  • Must work well with others: staff, customers, and guests
  • Must possess excellent communication skills
  • Pre-employment testing of lifeguarding knowledge and skills will be conducted


  1. Observe and enforce all rules and policies.
  2. Prevent injury and minimize or eliminate hazardous situations.
  3. Recognize and respond quickly to all emergency situations.
  4. Administer emergency first aid to victims of any injury.
  5. Communicate with other lifeguards and aquatic staff the need for additional assistance and/or equipment.
  6. Check chemicals at times stated on chemical sheet.
  7. The pool must be vacuumed at least 3 times weekly.
  8. Attend all in-service training programs and be aware of all facility programs and scheduling.
  9. Educate the facility users and inform them of the purpose of and need for the rules.
  10.  Assist parents or family members in locating missing children.
  11.  Complete required records and reports on time.
  12.  Enforce pool, locker room, and lobby rules, regulations and safety procedures.
  13.  Assist in maintaining cleanliness of facility area free from dangerous debris, litter, and unnecessary equipment.   Keep the staff room organized and clean.
  14.  Carry out duties as assigned by the pool supervisor such as cleaning the deck, vacuuming the pool, or cleaning pool equipment.
  15.  Must be ready and in the lifeguard chair at the start of the scheduled shift.
  16.  Must be present on the pool deck at all times when patrons are in the pool.
  17.  Must find your own sub when you cannot work a shift.
  18.  Use the pool covers when you are not vacuuming the pool each night, take care not to rip them when putting on or off.

Employee Relations:

  • Works well with others:  team members
  • Helps in training in new lifeguards to the American Red Cross and SwimWest standards
  • Participates in SwimWest staff events, and become involved with special events SwimWest holds, swim meets, open houses and parades.
  • Works closely with teachers and other lifeguards to make sure all employee schedules are accurate with no open shifts, in addition to helping out with subbing when needed.

Physical Demands:

  • Must be able to maintain stationary position for 4-6 hours
  • Must be able to move and transport up to 60 pounds.