Stroke Refinement

We offer group swim lessons beginning at four months and continuing through to adults. We also offer private and semi-private lessons for children with special needs.

The swim class descriptions and videos below are designed to help you choose the correct swimming lesson level for your child. We offer ongoing enrollment and teach on an individual basis, you are free to begin lessons at any time that openings are available. If you need additional assistance in choosing the correct lesson level, please contact us.


45 min Madison West, 30 min Fitchburg

This level is designed for advanced students who can swim 90 seconds continuously and comfortably with proper stroke technique. We work on improving stroke techniques for freestyle and backstroke, dives, and the timing and breathing of breaststroke and butterfly.


45 min Madison West, 30 min Fitchburg

Swimmers in the Whale level must have the endurance to swim for 3 minutes continuously and comfortably with proper stroke technique or freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly.


45 min Madison West,
30 min Fitchburg

Our Dolphin level will prepare children to be on a swim team and for our developmental Shark Level by working towards swimming 5 continuous minutes of all of the competitive strokes. Swimmers will also work on starts for all the strokes, flip turns and diving.