15 Things we LOVE About SwimWest

February is a month that’s technically short but feels L.O.N.G. There’s something about knowing we’re at the end of winter that makes the final push feel like it lasts a decade. The good news is…Temperatures are warming up this week (yay 40s!) as we inch our way closer to Valentine’s Day – the last hurdle before we can truly start thinking SPRING! 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to share our favorite things about SwimWest (and swimming in general). Learning to swim isn’t just fun, it’s a lifelong skill that can help prevent accidental drowning. At SwimWest, we’re passionate about helping kids learn these essential safety skills while building up their confidence in and around the water. 

To kick off the month of love, here are 15 things we LOVE about swimming at SwimWest!

  1. The warm water. Ah, nothing like the warm embrace of a warm water pool on a cold winter day. Kids are much more likely to hop in the water when it’s not icy cold, and the warmth keeps little bodies from shivering their entire lessons.
  2. The large viewing area. Grab a seat by the floor-to-ceiling windows and watch your swimmer during class. 
  3. Small class sizes. With a maximum of 4 students in our regular classes, your child will receive lots of personalized attention and swim time.
  4. Step-by-step skill progression. Our instructors work on building upon skills from week to week, so your child won’t feel overwhelmed, bored or ahead or behind their other classmates.
  5. Open swim. Bring the family for an afternoon of splashing in our warm water during one of our open swim times. It’s a great way to see (up close) all your child has learned so far.
  6. Clean water. We take the cleanliness of our water very seriously, with regular water testing, specialized diaper requirements and a general commitment to keeping our pool clean for everyone.
  7. The swim instructors! We might be biased, but we think our swim instructors are the best of the best! They love kids, have positive attitudes and work to build relationships with their students each week.
  8. Swim diapers. In order to keep our water clean, we sell amazing swim diapers right in the lobby. These help keep messes out of the pool.
  9. Skill clinics. Keep an eye out if you’re interested in any of our special skill clinics, where your swimmer can have special time working on specific strokes outside of lessons.
  10. Positive coaching. Our instructors keep their feedback positive, with reinforcement through ribbons, encouragement and praise.
  11. Ribbons. Along with #10, our ribbons help swimmers feel proud of their accomplishments and mark significant steps in their swim journey.
  12. Flexibility. If you need to miss a week, we can help you reschedule, or can offer you a free family swim pass.
  13. Safety Week. Our safety week gives kids the opportunity to practice lifesaving skills, swim with clothes, rescue their classmates and learn important water safety lessons.
  14. Summer Camp. Our Swim & Gym camp has been a favorite for years. Check out this year’s themed weeks!
  15. Show and Tell. During show and tell weeks, parents and caregivers are invited to come watch their swimmer show off their skills, and their instructor will give an update on how they’re doing. 

While there are SO MANY reasons to love SwimWest, these are some of our favorites. We hope to see you at the pool this month! Stay warm. 



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