Kiddie Pool Safety: 7 Do’s AND 7 Don’ts

Kids LOVE the water, splashing in the kiddie pool and cooling off in the sprinkler on hot summer days. In fact, it’s kind of a right-of-passage to see kids hitting the backyard, screaming with delight as they sink into the cold water. But, as a Swim School heavily focused on swim and water safety, we’re here to remind you that accidents can happen in a blink of an eye, and remaining vigilant and aware of the dangers in your own yard are key to making sure your kiddos, friends and family stay safe. 

Whether you pop up a kiddie pool, roll out a slip n’ slide or turn on the hose, water days are ahead, and we’re here to share our DO’s and DON’Ts of backyard kiddie pools. 

Let’s keep our littlest kiddos safe this season with these tips!



  1. Enjoy! It’s summer, and there’s nothing better than dipping your toddler’s toes in a small pool
  2. Place the pool somewhere with a soft bottom (ie: grass, not concrete).
  3. Walk, don’t run! Start teaching basic water safety from day one, and teach your little ones to walk near the water.
  4. Make “house” rules for your own kids and their friends to follow. 
  5. Lather on the sunblock
  6. Stay within arm’s reach at all times
  7. Know what to do in an emergency, including CPR and emergency contact information


  1. Leave the swimmer/s unattended – even to run in the house to grab a towel
  2. Roughhouse in or around the pool
  3. Leave the pool filled when not in use
  4. Let your child swim alone
  5. Stay in the water when there is lightning and/or thunder
  6. Add anything “slippery” to the water (think soap for bubbles, etc)
  7. Be distracted by cell phones, conversations or impaired by alcohol while watching your swimmers

We hope these tips are a good refresher as we head into the warmest months of the year. Enjoy the season and we can’t wait to see you all at the pool.

Happy Summer SwimWest families!