Safety Week: meet Blue River Chiropractic!

Safety Day at Swim West is this Saturday! We are so excited to be part of this amazing community event again this year!

So some of you may be wondering about why a chiropractic office would be partnering with a swim school. Well several reasons:

  1. Swim West is an amazing business run by amazing people and we like to support and partner with amazing!
  1. Chiropractic is fantastic for injury prevention, healing different sources of pain, and maintaining proper mobility for all activities.
  1. Safety is so important for us. We see injuries on a daily basis that could have been prevented by proper education and safety precautions. We are committed to being part of that prevention process.

So what will the Blue River Chiropractic team be doing at the Swim West Safety day? Come to our booth to learn all about biking safety and injury prevention and also test your kid’s road sign knowledge. We are looking forward to meeting you!