Get in the Pool: Swimming isn’t just for Kids!

Let’s face it: swimming is a LOT less intimidating when you’re a kid. As an adult, I’ve had to swallow my insecurities and force myself to squeeze into my swimsuit and head to the pool. This is the first year my family purchased a pool membership, which means we head to the pool daily. In those early days, when we first joined, I sat on the sidelines, wearing my suit under shorts or a coverup, and trying to avoid actually getting wet. Now that we are halfway through the summer (WAH!), I’m here to tell you: GET IN THE POOL! Have fun! Cooling off in the water is absolutely fun and an awesome way to make some special memories with your kids.

Here are some ways to make the most of your days at the pool!

  1. Wear the Swimsuit! NO ONE cares what you are wearing or what you look like in your suit. Seriously. They are watching their kids or worrying about their own imperfections or reading a book or swimming laps – they are NOT looking at your legs or your tummy. Throw on a suit that feels comfortable and hop in the water with your kids. It’s too hot to sit on the sidelines!
  2. Put down your Phone. It’s so easy now that my kids are older to assume I can use swim time as break time. Instead of surfing the web or texting with friends, I try to stay as present at possible – both to keep them safe in the water AND to enjoy the sun on my face and happy sounds of summer.
  3. Get Creative in the Water. Check out this list of ways to make swimming fun! Think treasure hunts, water games and just being silly with your kids.
  4. Take Swim Lessons. I grew up taking swim lessons but I’m not all that comfortable swimming in the lap lanes. I wasn’t on swim team, my breathing needs work, and I’m slow. If you feel like you could use some help learning to swim or improving your skills, do it! Sign up for adult swim lessons or ask a friend to help you. This can make swimming at the pool SO much more fun and it’s an amazing workout.
  5. Try Somewhere New. We have a pool membership so we end up heading to the same place every day. It’s GREAT, but sometimes it’s fun to switch it up. Try out a different pool (maybe one with slides, or a high dive!) or head to one of the amazing beaches here in Madison. Here is a great list of local places to check out.
  6. Check out a Float Movie. A lot of local pools offer movie nights, where you can bring in a float and watch a movie. Lake Wingra also hosts some fun activities, like an ice cream boat float!
  7. Go Solo. Leave the kids at home and head to the water on your own. It’s so relaxing to swim without worrying about your kids and making sure they are safe. Swim a few laps, jump off the diving board or just float around.


There you have it! Seven ways even adults can enjoy the pool this summer! Have fun and enjoy this amazing Madison summer!