Music Makes Swim FUN

Here at SwimWest we place a high emphasis on creating a fun, engaging atmosphere for our youngest swimmers. We believe that by developing a child’s love and appreciation for water, they will be motivated to work hard and excited to come to swim lessons. Since learning to swim is an essential safety skill, we know it’s critical to get kids into the water and learning as soon as they can.

From an early age, we incorporate FUN into our time in the pool – from using pool toys to sprinkle water gently over a child’s head, to singing songs, to being silly and splashing around. Our instructors know that kids may or may not have ever put their faces in the water, jumped in from the side or blown bubbles – and they work hard to make each step on the journey enjoyable.

One of our favorite ways to make swim pleasant and relaxing for kids is by incorporating music. In Parent-Tot classes, this may look like parents singing along as with the instructor as they interact with their child. Lyrics from a song such as Motorboat, Motorboat encourages kids to kick their legs fast or slow. A song like Ring around the Rosy may have parents and kids go under the water (as they feel comfortable!). Songs help engage children and allow them to focus on something other than a new (and possibly intimidating) swim move.

As children move up to lessons without a parent/guardian, instructors will continue to incorporate songs and fun water play into each lesson. While a child is learning to float, the instructor may have the child look up at the ceiling while singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. A familiar song helps children relax and understand the length of time they will be in a particular swim position.

Beyond music, our instructors find many other ways to make lessons FUN! Have you ever seen our foam slide? This is always a huge hit with kids, and a great “reward” for their hard work during lessons! Even in upper level classes, SwimWest instructors will find ways to engage their swimmers and make swimming enjoyable – from rolling a dice to choose which stroke to swim first (this is VERY popular in my son’s Whale class!) to diving for rings in the deep end.

Our goal at SwimWest is to help kids stay SAFER in/near water, and to help kids love to swim. We are so lucky to have such positive, energetic instructors to make swim lessons FUN!