4 Spooky Ways to Bring Halloween To the Bathtub

Here at SwimWest, we know baths are important for more than just getting your child clean – they help set the stage for water safety, swim lesson readiness and of course, FUN! That’s why this month we’re sharing ways to take your child’s bath to the next level by getting it Halloween-ready. Not only can you incorporate safety and water education into bathtime, you can incorporate the seasons and make your child’s next bath one they’ll remember. From colored water to mini skulls, there are tons of options for making your child’s bath spooky, creative and full of surprises.

Here are 4 Spooky Ways to Bring Halloween to the Bathtub

  1. Sensory “bin”. Turn your bathtub into a giant Halloween sensory bin! Pick up inexpensive Halloween accessories (the Dollar Tree is a great spot to find creepy, cheap items!) like eyeballs, spiders, mini skulls, pumpkins, skeletons, cauldrons (perfect for mixing!) and more. Pour in some bubble bath and toss in your Halloween surprises and let your kiddo play and explore while enjoying the tub.
  2. Bath bombs. It’s hard to beat these adorable bombs from Lush, which are not just cute, but smell amazing! Prices aren’t cheap, but they’re great for a special treat. You can also try making your own at home, or try a fun pumpkin scented option from Target. 
  3. Make a potion station! Sprinkle a tiny bit of food coloring into the tub or mix your own colors with these fun bath tabs. Let your child mix some special potions using a cauldron and a spoon, and get creative by adding in Halloween themed accessories like mini pumpkins or skulls. 
  4. Make it glow! Create a super easy, “glow bath” by cracking some glow sticks and tossing them into the tub. Just dim the lights and let your kiddo play in the glowing light!

We hope your child has the chance to try one of these spooky, Halloween-themed baths this month, and as always, remember safety comes first. Never leave your child unattended in the tub for any reason, and always make sure you’re reinforcing safety rules along the way.


Happy Halloween!



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