Lessons Your Baby Will Learn From Swim Lessons

Some babies naturally love the water, and others take a bit to get adjusted to the pool. Some babies have no issues putting their faces in the water, and others cry and protest. Like most things when it comes to kids, every single baby is different, and it can be hard to predict how your child will react to the pool until you give it a try. That’s why baby swim lessons are critical for setting the stage for water awareness, safety and enjoyment. In fact, Parent-Tot classes are set up to give your little one a positive experience in the pool through songs, parent/adult cuddling and playtime. 

Beyond the obvious skills your baby will learn throughout swim lessons as they progress (strokes, kicks, turns, etc), swimming offers a TON of benefits they’ll carry with them outside the pool! 

Keep reading for a few amazing ways swim lessons will help your baby even outside the water!


Babies are naturally curious, and giving them a safe way to interact with the water is an amazing way to help build their confidence. You’re there to support them and give them comfort as they explore the pool. Try showing them bubbles, sprinkle water on their head or swish their body through the water. As they get more and more comfortable, their confidence will grow. This confidence is often seen in other new situations, too!


Like playing your baby classical music, showing them new environments can be stimulating for their brains and growing bodies. 


Playing in the water and being in a new, stimulating environment is exhausting – even for big kids! Babies love playing in the water, and chances are high they’ll take a nice, long nap afterwards!


Classes for babies are social! They’ll hear songs led by a teacher, interact with other babies and toddlers and see lots of new, friendly faces. This is a great way to give them a chance to interact with other young kids while they are safe and secure with their adult.

Strength and Coordination.

Swimming is excellent exercise for all ages – including babies! They’ll move their bodies in the water, building strength through residence. As they continue to take lessons and feel comfortable in the water, they’ll begin to learn how their bodies move in the pool, giving them a chance to build coordination. 

There are so many great reasons to have your baby in swim lessons! We hope you’ll try a Parent-Tot class and see how your child takes to the pool.



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