Make your Lunch Pack a Punch | Fun Ideas to Spice up your Midday Meal

For the past year, packing lunches has been a LOT less common in my household. In fact, I haven’t packed a school lunch for my kids since March 13, 2020. But, as things inch closer to normal and the warm weather brings hope of picnics and day trips, there’s hope that packed lunches will again be a part of our day! (Who would have thought that would be something to celebrate?!)

It just so happens that March 10 is an actual day set up to pack your lunch. Literally, there is a Pack Your Lunch Day. According to the National Day Calendar, Pack Your Lunch Day encourages everyone across the country to take their lunch to work, school or wherever they’re spending the day. It’s an opportunity to revitalize lunchtime with fresh and healthful meal choices…So, let’s do it! Let’s get creative in the kitchen, try something brand new or load up a backpack and head off on an adventure. And as you look for some fun inspiration, don’t forget to check out some of our local bloggers that make food fun and easy! 

Here are a few of my local favorites – and I hope you’ll share yours, too! 

Yummy Sprout 

A place dedicated to inspiring and educating kids and grown-ups about healthy food and how to make it! With recipes like Almond and Chive Cornbread and Pumpkin Pie Smoothies, Yummy Sprout makes healthy food FUN. And don’t miss her list of adorable lunch box recipes for kids!

Everyday M&K 

Where food is simple, fashion is affordable and life is better done together.  Check out their tips for meal planning and don’t miss their Instagram page where they showcase delicious, healthy recipes. They will make you excited to cook – and those leftovers make awesome lunches! 

Midwest Munchers 

Besides being hilarious, Midwest Munchers shares delicious recipes and showcases local restaurants. Try their Homemade Ranch Dressing or their Cheddar and Onion Leek Dip recipes. YUM. I highly recommend following their Instagram account where they share reviews and pictures of their meals at local restaurants. Support a local eatery AND have the yummy leftovers for lunch the next day. 

While every day gives you an opportunity to pack a lunch, it’s fun to have a day dedicated to being intentional about the food we eat. Lunch is often repetitive (AKA boring) and we could all use a little boost to try something new once in a while.

I hope you enjoy these local bloggers, and if you know of others that share delicious food or recipes, feel free to share below!